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What Is the Salvage Value of My Car?

So how to calculate the salvage value of my car? It's probably simpler than you realize with the help of Carbuyers. Most of us will experience having a car reduced to salvage at some point during our driving careers, whether it be due to a traffic accident or a natural disaster.

Everyone thinks that selling your damaged car for a profit to offset the cost of a new vehicle. Additionally, you must determine whether selling your car to the insurance provider is the wisest use of your money.

How to Find Salvage Value of My Car?

Let's define a few words first. A car is considered salvage if the anticipated cost of repairing it is higher than the vehicle's overall value. The term "salvage" can be fairly broad. A little fender bump may possibly turn your unique automobile into a salvage vehicle if it needs a repair with hard-to-find expertise and expensive parts.

However, unless it is hit in a critical area, each additional ding added to a driving collection of dents won't significantly lower the value. Let's now discuss how a vehicle may be classified as salvage or found to be a total loss by an insurance provider.

How Can a Car Become Salvage Vehicle?

When an insurance company formally decides that the state should issue a salvage title, your car becomes a salvage vehicle. As you can expect, the insurance adjuster may draw a fine line between salvage and repairable.

Traffic accidents collisions, side collisions, head-on collisions, and even rollover accidents can cause damage to vehicles. It happens frequently that both automobiles in an accident are deemed total losses and given salvage titles.

Severe weather conditions frequently cause damaged cars in addition to accidents. Last but not least, hitting an object or being involved in an accident with an uninsured driver could turn your car into salvage. Knowing the salvage value of your car in these later situations is crucial to getting your wheels back under you.

How Can I Determine the Value of My Salvage Vehicle?

Never forget that a car will always be valuable to someone, even if it's just for the metal it's constructed of to be recycled. The following are some essential factors for determining your car's salvage value.

  • To determine the retail and wholesale worth of your vehicle, consult a market resource like or the Used Car guide published by the National Automobile Dealers Association.
  • To obtain a reliable car evaluation of the fair market value, add the retail and wholesale values together and divide them by two. Retail and wholesale prices are divided by two.
  • Identify the percentage of market value that your insurance provider uses to calculate salvage value. Although the proportion can change, it typically hovers around 75% of market value.
  • Decimalize the proportion and subtract it from one. For instance, if a 75% reduction in market value qualifies as salvage, 1.00 minus.75 equals.25.
  • Divide the resulting decimal by the market value. For instance, multiply your market worth.

Can I Keep My Salvaged Vehicle to Repair or Sell Myself?

Yes, you might be able to change the title of your car from a salvage vehicle to a rebuilt vehicle if you really love it and don't care how much it will cost to fix it. This is subject to local, state, and federal legislation, and typically calls for an inspection.

If you believe the salvage value of your car to be higher than the settlement the insurance company is offering, you might choose to keep it even if you have no plans to fix it. If you agree to a settlement, your car will typically be taken away and taken to a yard where it will be sold at auction for raw materials or parts.

If you decide not to accept the insurance company's offer, you are free to park the car wherever you like as long as you abide by local regulations while you decide how you want to get rid of it.

The Easiest Way: Sell Your Salvage Car to CarBuyers!

Get a free estimate from by filling out our online form or giving us a call to find out the salvage value of your car. We'll make you a reasonable offer for your wrecked car. In this manner, you'll be more equipped to decide how can I sell my old car.

You can choose to accept the offer and arrange a convenient time to pick up your car, and the title, and deliver your payment, or you can take the settlement through your insurance provider instead.

When your automobile is declared salvage without comprehensive insurance or when there isn't another motorist with liability insurance to make a claim against which is a terrific option to earn rapid cash.

We can help you receive some cash so you can put a down payment on your next daily driver, whether your automobile was totaled by an uninsured motorist, a natural calamity, or a one-car accident. Whatever your circumstance, we make selling your salvage title car quick, safe, and simple.

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