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Terms and Conditions

CarBuyers is a well-known online marketplace where you can trade in your car in any condition. Furthermore, there was nothing better in your mind than to benefit from the advantages of selling your car to us. We help our customers sell their cars without any problems. By reading these terms and conditions, you can better understand how and when you can use this platform. This includes any services that are available to you on this website and that you can book. If you use these services in the future, you accept these terms and conditions.

You should think twice before deciding to accept these terms and conditions, especially if you want to utilize our services. After reading these terms and conditions, you will know more about how we deliver these services to you. What additional crucial information is there, and what should you do if there is a problem?

Information about us and how to contact us

You can contact us whenever you want by dialing +974 59919419 or by email at Using the email address or address you provide on our website, we can contact you.

Platform usage

What are the goals of our company, and what is the reasoning for our website? To help you sell your used car, our website will provide a free appraisal and valuation services. We never offer towing services for anything, so you can rest easy. During your car examination, we failed to detect any sense of dedication to your automobile. Our expert will inspect your car remotely and from the inside.

When a consumer posts a request, CarBuyers completes our work on the website and provides free justifications. We cooperate with them through a no-cost assessment, a speedy cash payment, or a straightforward bank transfer. We feel obligated to do the evaluation and offer it without charge. You should not access this website if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. Under no circumstances could you use it as part of another reason; only use it for yourself.

You should not access this website if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. Under no circumstances could you use it as part of another reason; only use it for yourself. This site is accessible to you and is always available thanks to our sincere efforts and precautions. Without informing you, CarBuyers is free to update the entire website, a few specific areas, or even just one page. There could be a number of causes, including difficulty in viewing the website or the desire to discuss how useful our website is. In light of legal concerns, we change the functionality, security measures, or both, of the websites. There is no justification when we reach the end of the strategy. The location where entry is fee-based. You can use our website to access our web-based services and get a free examination sooner than you anticipated. You now need to be cautious and complete the details. Also, your car will undergo a thorough inside and remote inspection by our trained examiners. Your car must be available where it was indicated to be at the time of reservation and at the appointed hour. Customers will be given a moment installment following 30 minutes of testing. You should be prompt and come up with plans as soon as you speak with our experts. Its possible that our specialists are involved even if we did not plan to meet up with you; in that case, we will let you know as soon as the chance presents itself. The testing facility is currently located in your location, so a registration number is not required.

Car selling

After making a web-based booking, you can ask for a specific day or time to finish the controlling chat. You can choose whether our experts will do the assignment by the deadline based on your honesty or whether you can complete it yourself. We will swiftly get in touch with you and let you know the new day and time if, for any reason, we cannot offer our services at the scheduled time. If you feel the plan is not working for you, you have the option to end it before getting the share without incurring any expenses.

Finalize the deal

Our experts will completely evaluate your car and provide you with a detailed report on it that includes any damages, returns, or other issues. Taking everything into account, the assessment reports sole purpose is to ascertain the vehicles financial health, which is recorded in our records to carry out the appraisal. Professionals will assess your cars genuine market value after thoroughly evaluating it, according to the dealership. You get a valuation report outlining the price of your car at the going rate. If you believe the appraisal report to be realistic, proceed with the sale and sell your car right away. Clients are able to change their arrangements at any moment because there is no fee for our agents to visit them to see vehicles.

Problems during dealing

You can always contact our experts to have them evaluate your offer if you believe there is an issue. Really, please contact us right away at the number provided on our website. If there is a problem, our experts will focus on your request and answer you quite quickly. If you are unhappy with the services provided at the time of overseeing, you can speak with our subject-matter experts, who can help you settle your conflict amicably.

Payment method

We guarantee that the inspection report we provide will raise your cars specific worth. Registration for the reviews arrangements is free. We respond by towing, and there is no fee for the customer. Depending on what is most convenient for you, you can select between direct bank transfer and cash payment methods from us. We never charge extra for a survey, appraisal, or other documentation at the time of selling a vehicle.

Responsibility for loss and damage suffered by you

When selling your car to, you are not allowed to return a greater offer if you receive one from another source that is higher. You would not advise other websites to customers or steer them away from this one. You are in charge of any situation that develops as a result of your break. Any damage you do to our property will be your expense to repair. Furthermore, it would be annoying to inspect your car in the rain and discover any damage.

Restrictions and Trade Mark ownership

Its forbidden to copy, modify, transfer, sell, exchange, or rent this work. Any alterations to the services may not be moved, performed, or openly shown without our consent. All of the information on the site—including text, images, logos, association names, brand names, and other non-essential data—is either our own or the property of our advertising partners. You are not allowed to utilize any brand names, visual representations, or logos without our express permission.

Use of your personal information

We have been quite explicit about how we intend to use your personal information and how we gather it. Our security system has access to a wealth of data.

Other terms and conditions

No one is subject to this terms and conditions policy except for you and us, and no one else has the authority to change it. This Agreement may be changed or assigned to another party, but only with prior written notice to you. If you believe that any rule will declare that any part of this understanding is against the rule, the other focuses will still be fully valid and applicable.