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Privacy Policy

All of your information is handled carefully by CarBuyers, and we never disclose it to third parties without your consent. The entire insurance procedure is explained in detail in this security system, along with how it connects to the legislation that safeguards you.

Who We Are?

CarBuyers have made it clear in this privacy statement how it obtained your personal information and how it will be used. It consists of all the information you provide to us for our records, such as an email address, contact information, and other actions you take on our website.


CarBuyers is the controller and responsible party for your personal data (through and through suggested as CarBuyers, we, us, or our in this security technique). Assuming no one objects, if you have any requests regarding this protection system, including any sales to exercise your legal rights, kindly contact us using the procedures listed below.


If you have any questions or would like more information about this security procedure, please contact us at any time using the ways mentioned below, even if you think nobody will care.

Contact Information
Phone: +971504445882
Location: Barsha 1 Dubai | Doha, Qatar
Anytime you have a query about data security, you can get in touch with us, and we will try to answer it on our website.

Changes in Your Information

Since we frequently evaluate it, it is crucial to our security policy that we remain current with information. If you wanted to change any private information, it would be preferable if you let us know in advance.

Third-Party Links

This website may have third-party connections that allow third parties to collect or share information about you if you enable such affiliations or click on those connections. We have no control over these inaccessible locations, and we are not bound by their guarantee promises. As soon as you leave our website, we ask that you examine the security measures of any other website you visit.

What Sort of Data Do We Collect?

We collect any details that help us recognize you and are referred to as your recognized information. The categories of data that we collect are as follows:

  • Your ID: (First name, client name, birthdate, last name, gender, and other information)
  • Address and telephone: (email, address, contact, postal area)
  • Information on installments: (bank card details and other installment details)
  • Details of the transaction: (These details will disclose the facts about the transaction you carried out with us and our businesses to everyone.)
  • Profile Details: Details about your profile including your preferences, interests, and reviews that you have posted on our website.
  • Technical information, including your IP address, operating system, browser type, and any additional ways you may have used to visit this site.
Every action you take while using our site, including the administrations you choose to use and the places you click. We also compile evidence that similarly conceals your identity. We can use this information to pinpoint a particularly popular area of our website. We will never demand unusual information regarding your personal information from you. Your gender identification, political views, philosophical convictions, and other aspects are included in this. If you could not supply us with your personal information, you would not be able to access all or portions of our website.

Methods to Collect Your Personal Information

We gather information about you through a number of methods, including,

1. Data Iteration

You can give us direct information by completing the form on our website, or contact us by phone, email, or in person in our region. This particular data includes the details you give us while asking for our services or filling out an application.

2. Collecting Data Automatically

While you use our site, we normally gather technical information about your device usage and trends. We utilize cookies, server logs, and a number of other tools to gather your data and information. If you visit another website and click on one of our links that is included there, we will save your information.

3. In What Way Do We Use Your Personal Data

We manage your data in a variety of contexts. But, before sending you emails or instant messages that include direct marketing communications from other parties, we will first ask for your consent. We do not use the agreement as a basis for the management of your personal data when we are doubtful. You can decide to withdraw your consent to be featured at any moment by getting in touch with us.

Purpose of Using Your Personal Data

Your contact information, profile, and character are used to preserve our relationship with you and to notify you of changes to our security policy. to study your own data and gain more with the assistance of our technology. to provide you with a promotion that is right for you and is based on your requirements. Your information is also used to deliver services with a focus on building customer connections and enhancing the value of our website. We utilize the information you provide to give you some suggestions for services that could be useful to you. We might make an educated guess as to what you would need or need to find fascinating based on your Personality, Contact, Specialty, Usage, and Profile Information. We select the offers, services, and items that may be important to you in this manner (we call this advertising). If you have used our information, bought from us, or chosen not to receive them, you will receive an advertising message from us.

Reject Marketing Mails

We try to provide you with choices about how your personal information is handled, particularly when it comes to marketing and display. Whether it comes from us or someone else, you can always request that we cease sending you marketing correspondence. You have the right to demand that they cease contacting you pointlessly without your consent.


You may choose whether to allow the site to access your cookies in order to gather your information by checking in your browser. If the cookie policy is disregarded, several areas of this website can become difficult to access or even stop working altogether. Never will your data be reused or used without your permission.

Data Security

We generally consider the security of your data and take security measures to keep others from stealing it. We restrict access to your data so that it would not be lost or used by anyone who is not permitted by the agents, professionals, or outsiders who need it. Only with our approval will your private information be used.

How Long We Will Use Your Data?

When a pertinent opportunity arises or when it is used for legitimate purposes, we will use your information. For research purposes, we alter your data and utilize it for a length of time that is actually crucial. It ceases to be personal as a result, and you can consider your actual opportunities to learn how to manage your data. When determining the proper support time period for individual data, we take into account the amount, type, and responsiveness of the data, the expected risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal information, the reasons we process your data and whether those reasons can be satisfied in another way, as well as the pertinent legal, assessment, bookkeeping, and other requirements.

Your Legal Rights

By adhering to a few data security policies, you can progress toward the following permissions:

  • • You might be interested in acquiring a copy of the data we currently have as well as access to your own data.
  • • Furthermore, you may be inspired to make corrections if your data contains any inaccuracies.
  • You might be interested in addressing them even though we occasionally stay on top of the current developments yet acknowledge if there are any problems that need fixing.
  • • You can always ask us to delete or destroy your data, even though its conceivable that we would not have the opportunity to do so right away.
  • • Whatever we say can be disputed by you.
  • • Any attempt we make to use your personal information for overt marketing purposes will be subject to your right to object.