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What Is Considered Low Mileage For A Used Car?

Because they appear newer and have less wear and tear on their parts, used cars with low mileage are typically more attractive. "Low mileage" is a common tactic employed by automobile sellers to sell used cars as being like new.

Nevertheless, there isn't a precise standard or criteria for what constitutes low miles for a car. If a car has covered less than 15,000 kilometers, it may be deemed low mileage.

A car with low mileage may also have been driven less than typical for its age. As a result, a car's mileage may correspond to its age. For instance, an automobile that is five years old and has 20,000 miles on it can still be deemed low mileage because, on average, insurance companies classify low mileage as any annual mileage that is less than 7,500 miles. The car is five years old, and it has driven a lot less than one would anticipate for its age.

Age and mileage have different impacts on a car's dependability, and they may not be related. A car's engine and suspension, which usually require a major refurbishment after thousands of km, are directly impacted by the amount of miles it has been driven.

The reliability of the car can also be impacted by the conditions in which it was driven. When compared to a car that is mostly driven on a smooth highway, one that is driven predominantly in an urban environment will show noticeably more wear and tear. Additionally, cars with devoted owners who give them regular car maintenance and expedited repairs will perform better.

Ignore the Odometer

It's important to confirm the odometer reading as well, as it might be manipulated. Because of this, it's also critical to take into account elements like the vehicle's history of maintenance, condition, and handling. Certain cars may have low mileage because they were unable to be driven due to a serious problem.

We advise taking a test drive to confirm the car's suitability for driving. A mechanic should be hired to inspect the car and make sure there isn't any wear and tear. Even low-mileage cars might occasionally have hidden problems that could eventually manifest as symptoms.

Think About Its Duration

Most cars are supposed to last for about 200,000 miles. You should anticipate that your car will last an additional 150,000 miles when it has covered 50,000 miles. When considering a car model, you should see if there are any common problems with that year's model.

What Is a Reputable Used Car Mileage?

You should generally count on the average automobile owner to put 12,000 miles on their vehicle annually. You can easily calculate if an automobile has fair mileage by multiplying 12,000 by the vehicle's age.

This indicates that 60,000 is a good mileage for a car that is five years old. Significantly more or less kilometers could be a sign of an issue or future difficulties.

However, mileage is not always reliable. The quantity of owners also needs to be taken into account. Mileage alone suggests that an automobile, even if it is ten years old and only has ninety thousand kilometers on it, might be a decent value.

But if there have been four owners in those ten years, there's a good chance that at least one of them neglected to maintain the car. Similarly, it's probably a terrific deal if you locate a car that's ten years old, has only had one owner, just 30,000 miles on it, and looks to be in excellent shape. Usually housed in a garage, these vehicles receive careful upkeep.

How Many Miles Is Too Many For A Used Car?

The question of how many miles on an automobile is too much is unanswerable since mileage can be deceiving. Having said that, you may obtain a basic idea of the kind of mileage to expect on a used car by using the 12,000 mile-per-year rule.

If an automobile has accrued above 12,000 miles annually, you might want to think about getting a different car.


In conclusion, it is critical to ascertain the definition of low mileage for a used car before deciding to buy. There is no hard and fast-cut threshold, but important considerations include the age of the vehicle, its maintenance history, and its anticipated use. stresses the value of doing in-depth study and inspection to evaluate a used car's entire state, including its mileage. Buyers can select the ideal used car to meet their demands by being aware of the subtleties of mileage appraisal and taking into account their tastes and desires. is dedicated to providing consumers with a hassle-free and confident car-buying experience, regardless of the type of vehicle they choose—a well-maintained higher-mileage vehicle or a jewel with low mileage.