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How to Start the Car Without Battery

It is possible to start a car without a battery, but only in certain circumstances. Under similar circumstances, cars that are automated or that run on diesel cannot be started. However, unless there is an urgent necessity, it is not recommended to use this procedure.

Simply leave a malfunctioning battery in place so that it can support the entire load from the alternator and protect the components that are susceptible to sudden spikes in voltage. 

Does An Automobile Need a Battery to Start?

Indeed. It is possible to start a car without a battery. However, there are several variables to consider, especially if the car has a manual or automatic gearbox. If the battery is simply weak, you can push-start the car if there are no cables available or perform a jump start using the cables connected to the battery of another car.

Only in the case of a manual gearbox is the second alternative feasible. Push-starting an automatic car is not recommended as it will cause more harm than benefit. 

There are just four ways to get a car started without a battery:

  • Making use of a starting booster
  • Putting in a fresh battery
  • Using a tow car to push the car till it starts

However, a start booster is required if the battery is dead for any other reason (cracks present, electrolyte that has leaked, boiled, or shorted), or if there isn't a battery accessible. 

In reference to a car with no battery or an automatic gearbox, it is advised against trying to start it by pushing or towing because it is simply too difficult. To start a jump start, there needs to be a weak battery at the very least. Furthermore, a diesel car finds it far more difficult to start without a battery.

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When a Car is Being Towed, How Can It Be Started Without a Battery?

When a car is being towed, a power supply with 10 to 15 volts is still necessary to start the vehicle, even if the battery is dead. The alternator's excitation must be linked to the positive power supply in order for it to start correctly. A thin, distinct wire serves as the excitation.

The battery must be disconnected if it is defective or dead. To further avoid short circuits, the positive terminal needs to be totally insulated from the body.

  • Use a rope to secure the car to the towing truck.
  • Cut off the radio, all of the appliances, etc.
  • Activate the ignition.
  • Give the towing car the order to move.
  • Release the clutch gradually and let the engine start after you've reached a speed that is appropriate for the selected gear.
  • Take out the stimulation apparatus. However, keep the engine and drive running.

Regardless of the gear you choose, the engine is what matters. Use the second gear if the weather is chilly. However, shift into the third gear if the weather is hot. Higher rpm corresponds with a lower gear. Using the first gear will result in excessive engine resistance and make towing difficult. Not to mention the possibility of a broken or slipping timing belt. 

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When a Car's Battery Runs Out, How Can It Be Forced to Start?

To push start an automobile without a battery or with a dead battery, the alternator needs to be excited by a power source. Without a battery, pushing the car won't start if there is no power. The car needs to be pushed a distance because the petrol pump takes some time to fill up.

  • Make sure there is petrol in the tank before attempting the push start.
  • By temporarily removing items from the cabin or trunk, you can reduce the weight of the car.
  • The vehicle should be pushed by the fewest possible individuals.
  • Once you've accelerated to ten kilometres per hour, depress the clutch, engage the second or third gear, and then gradually release the clutch to start the engine.

Everything will be more difficult if there is a diesel engine because of the high compression, which makes starting the engine tough. Furthermore, the diesel engine cannot be started, especially in the cold, until power is applied to the glow plugs or the engine is warmed up.

Forced launches are one of the most vulnerable situations for common-rail fuel systems, and fixing them will cost money. It is therefore preferable to jumpstart rather than tow or push if there is a nearby car that can help. 


Is it possible to start a car without a battery?

Yes, using other techniques like jump starting or a manual crank, it is feasible to start an automobile without a battery.

How do I jump-start a car without a battery?

Jumper cables and a donor car with a functional battery are required to jump-start an automobile without a battery. For safe and efficient jump-starting, adhere to the detailed procedures in our handbook.

Can I use a manual crank to start my car without a battery?

In the event of a dead battery, manual cranks were included in certain vintage cars as a backup way to start the engine. Check your car's manual to find out if this is an option and how to use it correctly.

What are some precautions to take when starting a car without a battery?

It's crucial to take safety precautions when starting a car without a battery, like making sure the ignition is off, handling jumper wires with insulated gloves on, and avoiding contact with moving engine parts.

How long can I drive a car without a battery?

It is not advisable to drive a car without a battery because the lights and ignition are among the electrical components that depend on the battery for proper operation. It's advisable to take care of the battery problem very away.

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