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How to Create a Car Body Repair Estimate and Sell a Repaired Car

A car body repair estimate will give you a decent sense of the cost of repairs if you want to sell a repaired car. If a car is in an accident and need to decide what to do with your now-damaged vehicle.

You may receive a reasonably good estimate of the costs involved in getting your car back on the road from a collision repair estimate performed by collision repair technicians. But what if the cost of repairs exceeds the value of your car? Continue reading to determine whether you should sell your used car after an accident or fix it.

Sell a Repaired Car| What Elements Affect Car Body Repair Prices?

The price of auto body repairs depends on a variety of factors. Obviously, factors like the car's make, model, and year will have a significant impact. A brand-new Mercedes will cost far more to fix than a Honda that is 15 years old.

How much damage there is will have the second-largest impact on vehicle body repair costs. One bumper may need to be replaced after a little collision, which is expensive enough on its own. However, if the incident occurs at a speed of only a few miles per hour higher, you may also need to replace the hood, trunk, and perhaps a quarter panel. Evidently, expenses may accumulate rather quickly.

The amount of technology in your car is another important consideration that has an impact on auto body repair costs. Because a damaged car won't have as many modern bells and whistles, repairs will be less expensive. The quantity of paintwork that will be required is another unforeseen aspect that affects the cost of repairs.

Some automakers will send replacement body panels to your company that just require a small amount of labor to install because they are already painted. For some, you'll need to have the replacement component installed before having it painted to match the rest of the vehicle. Remember that one of the more costly aspects of vehicle body repair expenses is paintwork.

The location of the repair shop where you take your car will also have an impact on the cost of the repairs. Dealerships have a reputation for charging more than your neighborhood repair shop, but it doesn't necessarily imply your local business will be inexpensive.

Average Prices for Car Body Repairs!

Are you unsure of how to estimate vehicle body repairs? Take it to a mechanic in your area. Although there exist online estimators, it is certainly not advisable to rely on them for an exact estimate. The only option to obtain a precise estimate is to take your automobile to an expert technician and let an assessor perform an online car valuation. The only way to respond to the inquiry, "How much does my auto body repair cost?" is in this manner. Having said that, there are certain average figures that can help you get a sense of the range of costs that can apply to a car with an average price. Here are a few figures that were obtained from several consumer studies.

How to Sell a Car after Auto Body Repair?

Your best course of action in the event of an accident is to decide if you want to fix it before selling it or sell it damaged. There are a few options for selling a car after auto body repair if you are in an accident and decide to get the work done before selling it. Here are 4 suggestions for selling your vehicle following auto body work:

  1. Be truthful. Any private customer looking to purchase a brand-new vehicle will probably request a car history report from you (or obtain one themselves). A straightforward car history record makes it simple for the buyer to detect your lies if you falsely claim the vehicle has never been in an accident. It's doubtful that they will purchase it if they discover that you were deceived.
  2. Offer it up for auction. Even though your car may lose 10% to 50% of its resale value after an accident, there are still buyers out there. A speedy sale is significantly more likely at a car auction or from a wholesaler than it is from a private customer.
  3. Exchange it for a new vehicle. Since trading it in entails selling it to a dealership, it is unlikely that this will be your best financial decision. Dealerships are known for haggling over prices and are skilled at paying you the least amount possible for it.
  4. Get paid to sell your old car. The wisest financial choice you can make is to do this, particularly if you want to reduce your losses and avoid having to pay for repairs before selling the item. Of all the junk car buyers in UAE, will provide you with the quickest, easiest, and most profitable service.

Consider Junking Your Totaled Car!

Don't worry; at, we buy damaged cars, so it doesn't matter if a little fender incident was the last straw in a long line of expensive repairs to your car. As you can see, even simple bodywork repairs may quickly pile up in price. In some cases, simply transporting your damaged automobile to a repair shop will cost you before they even start mending anything!

Consider selling your junk car to us if it has been involved in an accident but is still in poor condition. We've created a straightforward three-step approach to help you get rid of your car fast and easily after more than 12 years in the business.

  1. Call us. Contact us by phone or submit an application online. We'll give you a cash offer over the phone if you provide us with the make, model, year, condition, and mileage of your vehicle.
  2. Embrace our proposal. Since we provide the highest price guarantee of any junk car service in your area, we are confident that you will be pleased with our offer.
  3. Set up a free car valuation. When it's most convenient for you, we'll offer free car valuation to evaluate your damaged vehicle, which will quickly remove it from your property. Even same-day service is possible with us!

That sums up how easy our three-step procedure is. Even the paperwork is completed for you by us, so all you need to do is sign on the dotted line to complete the transaction. Call us today if you have a wrecked car and don't feel like paying for the pricey repairs.