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Damaged Car

How Can Help You Get Cash for Your Damaged Car Online

You want to receive the best deal when you sell your damaged car, so shop around. Based on the information you enter, the car evaluation calculator will automatically make you an offer.

However, there are a few straightforward techniques to raise the offer you receive on CarBuyers. They are described below!

To Get the Best Possible Service - Speak To One of Our Associate Buyers!

Even though the CarBuyers machine works and receives several bids with remarkable accuracy, it is unable to foresee the precise harm that your car may sustain. Talking over the phone with one of our professional junk car buyers is one approach to providing the most information about your vehicle.

A well-worn road that is nonetheless quite powerful. The specialists are highly approachable and eager to provide you with the most accurate quote they can. Simply provide the evaluator with a few extra data that may or may not have been asked for on our online form.

Once the appraiser is aware of the precise state your car is in, they will typically increase the offer. Once on the phone, they will speak as succinctly and clearly as they can.

Pick Up & Cash Within 48 Hours!

People frequently contact CarBuyers while experiencing annoyance. Sometimes it involves a car accident or another such incident. We assist clients by removing their vehicles from the spot as soon as possible and paying them with cash in hand.

Removing the difficulty of attempting to sell a car privately and arranging storage and transportation elsewhere, enables individuals to move on with their lives. A streamlined end-to-end approach to selling cars fast and effectively is provided by

Confirmed Offers Are Set in Stone!

When an offer is accepted by the client and our associate buyer and is verified by our evaluators, it becomes binding. At pick-up, nothing will have changed. The number the consumer receives for their account is definitive, so they may relax.

The cash received will be equal to the accepted offer when the service provider picks up the car and pays for it. That final offer shall not in any way be susceptible to modification. In our market, this isn't always the case, and that's what really distinguishes us.

We Are A Convenience Service, Not A Car Selling Service!

Our mission is to assist customers in rapidly getting rid of or selling non-running cars. Although "we buy cars" is true, this is not the main goal of our business. Our primary function is as a convenience service. Our goal is to improve people's quality of life.

We accomplish this by making the process of selling a used car quick and simple. And our website is where it all begins. Making an account with us is quick and simple. The procedure is participatory, graphic, and as thorough as it can be. You can keep adding information to your file as you like after creating your account. This will enable our evaluators to make the greatest offer we can to you.

You will communicate with one of our employees throughout this period, who will help you through the entire procedure. If everything is done right, you might have the money in your hand and the car going from the property in as little as 48 hours.

Our employees are kind, tolerant, and patient since they are aware that unforeseen situations, including delays caused by inclement weather or misunderstandings, can occur. However, our crew has the skills necessary to respectfully and effectively tackle such annoyances. Works With An Extensive Partner Network!

Our extensive partner network is crucial to our speed and effectiveness. Nearly everywhere in the country, we have service providers ready to assist our customers with the removal of their vehicles.

This enables us to quickly and efficiently collaborate with a huge base of people, regardless of where they are located. To ensure that our clients receive the greatest care possible, every single service provider is carefully chosen and put through a stringent screening procedure.


CarBuyers was developed to make your life simpler as well as to be a convenient source for selling your car. It doesn't have to be stressful at all to have to sell your car. Our top priority is always the client who uses our service.

We will be upfront and honest with you and let you know if we believe you can get a better bargain elsewhere. The advantages will always exist. Plus, there is no expense to you.

Try out our online FREE car valuation right away!