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How Can I Obtain A Car Title With Just The VIN Number?

Although owners must always maintain the vehicle's condition, prompt repairs are equally important as the set of paperwork for your automobile, which you often store in a secure location or a folder that will guarantee you never lose them.

And what could be more significant than the title to your car, which practically gives you complete ownership rights?

The vehicle identification number (VIN), the type and model of the vehicle, the production date, the owner's name and address, and the number plate number are just a few of the many details included in this particular document. Above all, though, it has a number of its own, which, should you misplace the title, can be difficult to find.

Locating the Vehicle's Title Number

Generally speaking, you won't even require the actual document. Finding the eight-digit number that is provided directly above the VIN is all that is required. Locate your registered vehicle.

As an alternative, you could just refer to your invitation for registration renewal. The number is on the line that has your car's make and model on it there. It is advisable to request for a duplicate as soon as possible, but, if you are unable to locate the card or have misplaced the title. This is particularly valid if you think it was taken in some way.

Stealing Auto Title

The owner of a stolen car faces serious problems. You could even argue that owning the document is more valuable than the car itself. Car thieves and title forgers can quickly cause you to lose ownership of your vehicle because titles are a valuable commodity on the illicit market.

In the event of a theft, the DMV regards the robbers as the legitimate owners. Even though you may be aware of the facts, the legal system takes a long time to figure it out. It can require thousands of bucks in expenses and several months of effort.

But if you promptly apply for a replacement vehicle title through your local DMV, you can prevent this. It will render the pilfered one null and void and prohibit its subsequent registration.

Car Title Lost

This circumstance is just as awful as the prior one, even though it is not as urgent. This could be problematic in a few other areas in addition to the replacement application procedure itself.

For example, when you approach a potential buyer to sell your car, you may discover that the most crucial document is missing from its proper location.

You won't get along with traffic cops if you drive around without a car title. Most states have laws against it, and if they undertake a document check, they will impose heavy fines. The worst-case situation is that your automobile will be impounded, which will leave you without a car for an unforeseen period.

Replacing your car's title resolves both of the aforementioned situations. Though it isn't very hard, you should be prepared.

Getting Ready to Replace Your Title

These days, changing the certificate of title is not too difficult. All you need to do is search for the necessary information on the website of your local DMV. Although the procedure varies slightly from state to state, it usually looks like this:

  • Complete the lost title application (available on the DMV website in your state).
  • Send the form(s) along with the necessary paperwork and payment.
  • Optional: go in person to your local DMV and file for a replacement.

Always start by searching for duplicate title forms on the DMV website for your state. You can simply accomplish this by entering "[your state] duplicate title from" in quotation marks in the search engine.

Your name, residence, driver's license number, and basic car information (VIN, license plate, year, model, etc.) must be filled out on the papers. Your ID card, insurance card, and evidence of paid property taxes—which, in certain states, need to have a notary stamp—are required documents.

The new document will typically arrive in 6 to 8 weeks, though this can vary depending on the state and the city. It's crucial to understand that the title won't be given to you on-site. Rather, it will be sent to your address over secure mail.


As you can see, finding the number doesn't even require the title itself. Thus, it shouldn't be too hard in general. Do not delay in requesting a replacement certificate of title if you are unable to locate the original one. Failure to do so may result in several issues in the future.

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